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P107 Landulph Parish Church
P107/25 Charities
Ref No P107/25/3
Release, wood at Penquite, Landrake
28 Oct 1524
1 piece
Parties: 1) Matthew Cruys rector of Landhulpe [Landulph], Thomas Clotworthye, Roger Cole, Richard Lovell, John Lymbury, Thomas Batyn, Richard Hardell and John Batyn (feoffees of church lands). 2) James Brendon. 3) Humphrey Colles esquire and John Trehauke gentleman (arbitrators). Recites that 1) and 2) had been in dispute over lands in Penquyte and 3) awards all lands to 2) except for close on east of highway from lanrak [Landrake] to Wisemyll, with 1 acres of wood. At Penquite.

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