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ME Edgcumbe family of Cotehele, Calstock and Mount Edgcumbe, Maker
Ref No ME/2508
Memorandum on silver and lead mines in Cornwall
1 piece
Memorandum by William Carnsew relating to silver and lead mines in Cornwall and activities of Dr Burchard Cranach. 16 pages. Written in response to a request from Piers Edgcumbe for information about the working of the mines in Cornwall by Burchard Kranyke [Cranach] and their likely profitability. 'Though somethynges were better to be foldyd up in scilence, then dysplayed to other mens knolege [knowledge].... William Carnsew describes in detail Cranach's work in Derbyshire, his move to Cornwall, the establishment of the smelting works at St Cadix [St Veep] and the many disputes and arguments he had with his sponsors.
Term Maritime

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