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Ref No Title

GHW Glanville, Hamilton and Ward, land agents and surveyors, of Truro
GHW/12 Mornington
GHW/12/3 Estate Administration, St Ives and Treloyhan manors
GHW/12/3/6 Correspondence
GHW/12/3/6/1 Letter Bundles
GHW/12/3/6/1/91 General letters
Ref No GHW/12/3/6/1/91/43
Letter from the artist Abbott Handerson Thayer
2 Jun 1898
2 pieces
Letter from the American artist and naturalist Abbott Handerson Thayer of 3 Albany Terrace, St Ives asking for permission to collect specimens of birds on the cliffs at St Ives, with introductory letter from C Hart Merrian, Chief, US Biological Survey, Washington DC to G A Leishman, Envoy Extraordinary, Berne, Switzerland

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